Well today is Good Friday.

I am called to be St.Peter.


Big sandals to fill. Although personally I think the pressure is on Jesus.

Have you ever read Christ Recrucified by Nikos Kazantzakis? Well the role of Judas has not been cast yet. (An uneasy shuffling in the pews.) The community of Langley prepares to select this year’s social outcast.

It’s all gonna end in tears.

4 thoughts on “Pariah

  1. It went fine- I only had six words. Or rather three words repeated once!
    I saw where Kazantzakis is buried when I was in Crete a few years back. His most famous book was Zorba the Greek-remember Quinn smashing the plates?
    And the one that was made into the controversial Last Temptation of Christ.
    Think his style is a bit dated now-but I like them!


  2. Yes, and a few more novels besides. My favourite is Christ Recrucified.
    Whenever I travel anywhere I try to read something appropriate to the place. So The Last Temptation in Crete, any George Mackey Brown when in Orkney (my favourite place) Morrison’s last poems in Paris, etc. Went to Whitby and read Bede’s Ecclesiastical History. I have read Dracula a few times. I’m not sure the Venerable Bede would appreciate the comparison with the King of the Undead.


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