“Enough with the birds!”

“Don’t write about anymore birds!” exclaimed the Mrs, my greatest and dearest critic. ” For someone who claims that he isn’t a birdwatcher you haven’t done bad. Since you’ve been on WordPress you’ve mentioned jackdaws, crows, sparrows, starlings, wrens, robins and magpies.”

“And sparrowhawks” I helped out.

“And sparrowhawks. That’s enough. Write about something else.”

I have learned to take on board the advice, especially if I want to get fed, of my own, old bird. (Furtive glance over my shoulder/ Listens for the sound of padlocks being fitted to the kitchen cupboard.)

So time for a break, but…one last thing…

…the Mother of all Coincidences:

jackdaws have started to nest in the cavity in the fascia boards beneath the gutter of my next door neighbour’s house. Making a right racket. No doubt city jackdaws too. Casting a pale eye to sleep deprived consternation.

I am constantly amazed at how this universe works. Can creation instigate a law of attraction?

I am thinking of re-naming my blog.

Winning Saturday Lottery Numbers.

Cue record views and followers.


4 thoughts on ““Enough with the birds!”

  1. Now that is a lovely thought. But I am not sure about approval, they seem to be more like shrieking….screaming…..definitely no beautiful nightingale song…oh no, I’ve just slipped another bird in there. My other half is never going to put any meat on these snake hips now.


  2. I know, I dice with death!

    I will take it then that the jackdaws are a sign that the universe approves of my blog. But I don’t know how well that will go down if they also approve of my wife’s windscreen.


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