The Ivorian Behemoth

Well I have only been blogging twenty five days. And I still remain technically-challenged. Which is pc for useless.

I was just tinkering around on here-having a ‘play’ with draft blogs, when I accidentally published something that should have been ‘previewed.’ Cue a mad scramble to try and get it removed pronto. Luckily it was nothing incriminating, and was within the limits of British decency.  But it was a lesson learned.  Apologies to anyone that was attempting a comment that was projected forever out into the margins of cyberspace.

In the meanwhile, taking no chances, I turn now to tonight’s football match that I am going to.

I am a lifelong Manchester City fan. My faith path is a direct  result of me trying to understand the problem of suffering. But many decades of anguished prayers were finally answered, and everything has now turned around. I no longer have to feel guilt at brainwashing my children into following my team, much  in the same  manner that my father brainwashed me.

The sins of the father and all that.

Tonight’s match is against Wigan Athletic, a dress rehearsal for the FA Cup Final on May 11th.

As I prepare to sedate the kids before I leave, I will just introduce you to one of our key players:

                                     Yaya Toure– the Ivorian Behemoth.


A colossus whose size belies a deceptive turn of pace, he has been described as

                                          ‘a buffalo in ballet shoes.’

An image that brings to mind the Mrs on our wedding day.

Not only is Toure  an integral player for the blues,  you can see below that he can also use the force, which comes in handy in derby games.


Jedi Knight and midfield anchor.

Wish us luck.

Disclaimer: my wife looked beautiful on our wedding day.

8 thoughts on “The Ivorian Behemoth

  1. My dad made us White Sox fans by taking us to baseball games. So, of course you want your kids to be fans of your favorite team! (My older brother rebelled by becoming a Cubs fan.)


    • When my then five year old daughter lost her temper, lashing out in temper, she didn’t tell me that she hated me, or to drop dead. No, she shouted ” I like United?”
      It was like a dagger through the heart.


  2. I was at the match last night too!!! How freaky and coincidental is THAT?! My son’s school had a competition for tickets and he won so i went with him. It wasn’t the prettiest of matches was it? I just hope they play better than that at the FA Cup Final in a month. CTID.


  3. Life is full of synchronicities Pam!
    Great that your son won tickets- not so great as it was the worst performance we’ve put in in years-it was like being back at Maine Road.
    I am sure though that it will bare little resemblance to the cup final game- except hopefully the result.


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