London Postscript

“Enough of the birds!” was the title of an earlier post, taken verbatim from my wife’s exasperated refrain.”Enough of the birds! Write about something else!”

Well I feel the same way now about London. After documenting my three day trip and then my return to Wembley, I think I have posted about our capital city now ad nauseam. It is time to settle myself right back into more familiar territory.

Anchor myself once more in the Greater Manchester area.

Get gravy with my chips.

Sorted. Innit?

photo (19)

But one final thought:

I am not saying the traffic in London is bad, but this local cab driver is able to get an extra  chapter in before he makes the lights.

2013-05-08 14.54.02 (2)

A commuter’s Hell.

A bibliophile’s Paradise.

And many hours spent watching the meter in Purgatory in between.

Now-put the meter on. Let’s head north.

5 thoughts on “London Postscript

  1. I’m glad you included that map. It’s nice to know about the area. And while you might feel that you’ve posted enough about London, consider those of us who read your blog who don’t live there. Anything you write about London will be interesting!!!


    • Good point.
      Looking at the map, my town of Middleton, which has been in the news a lot of late, is in Manchester, but borough-council wise it comes under Rochdale. So it is on the northern tip of the Manchester/southern tip of the Rochdale line.
      And ‘sorted’ and ‘innit’ are part of the northern Manc (Mancunian) vernacular. Hope that helps!


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