Claws for the Weekend:Sources

Sources for courses.

photo (20)

You listen to Abe, he’s always on the money. And I should know, as I follow his Blog avidly.

Have a great weekend, I will.

Take it as verbatim.

See you on the flipside.

7 thoughts on “Claws for the Weekend:Sources

  1. So funny! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a funny comment! I usually met men for coffee or ice cream and a walk in a park, then one early morning when there were no people around, I changed my mind and went to more public places! Still offering to pay for the meals, or half, raised with 2 younger brothers who always thought women should offer!


  2. Ha ha! And I was so tempted to believe a quote I saw on the Internet because it had a cat’s picture by it. And the cat seemed so sincere.

    Sadly, you really can’t fully trust what you find on the Internet. While fact-checking some quotes for a book, I found the same quote, but three different wordings. So even the “quotes” are suspect.


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