mary and jasper c1900

‘Mary with her Grandfather Jasper, around 1900’
Separated by generations, 
from each other, and from you.
And time that yellows this paper
fades the memory of us, too.
In our yearning and our striving
spent so quickly, we did leave
behind our youth and our glory,
and came soon to a place to grieve.

5 thoughts on “Generations

  1. What a lovely photo! Love the dog sitting so patiently. And is there a bird in that cage in the window? This photo tells so many stories. I love the fact that no one smiled in photos in those days, yet Mary has her arm around her grandpa–a hint to their relationship.


    • I know, I loved this photograph as soon as I saw it. The old dog, and rugged man gives a real old-time feel about it. And Jasper and Mary-they become a little more personalised for us. Although the dog will forever remain anonymous. And yes, a little hint at their relationship. You can imagine their interactions. After the photograph the old man getting up from his chair,linked by Mary, the faithful old dog following slowly, turning up dust.
      I have tried but cannot be sure if there is a bird in the window. I like to think there is. Give it a soundtrack of birdsong.


  2. Reblogged this on City Jackdaw and commented:

    This post is almost a couple of months old, but on the back of ‘Generations #2’ it is timely to reblog I think. And I love the photo-I often wonder what kind of life Mary went on to have .


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