Claws for the Weekend:Jackdaw Culture

Perusing, like you do, a collection of quotes on culture, I came across this quote by William Bolitho:

“General jackdaw culture, very little more than a collection of charming miscomprehensions, untargeted enthusiasms, and a general habit of skimming.”

Now if I had not spent a fortune on curing myself of my deeply ingrained paranoia, I would swear old Billy was talking about my blog.

Charming miscomprehensions? Possibly.

Untargeted enthusiasms? Probably.

A habit of skimming? Definitely.

Tune in for more of the same after the weekend.

See you on the flipside.

4 thoughts on “Claws for the Weekend:Jackdaw Culture

  1. That would describe most blogs. But your blog never seems to be “a collection of charming miscomprehensions” or something anyone would skim over, but would instead read. Now my blog definitely has the miscomprehensions down to an embarrassing degree. Ah. Mission accomplished.


    • That is nice of you to say so.
      And I have yet to be miscomprehended by your blog. And I doubt that is even a real word! Let’s invent our own language, and achieve all of the above.


  2. Hi Jack! I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Please check out my most recent post, the rules and stuff are on that, also the one who nominated me has a clip art of the actual award! Congratulations for inspiring others to write!


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