Great Scott! What Is That?

You may recall a recent post on City Jackdaw all about Neolithic art, featuring artifacts and carvings of up to 40,000 years old.

Well the following creations are only a few months old. They were put together and shared on Facebook by an old school mate of mine, Scott Stringer. His partner questions his sanity, but my kids love them, so I thought I would share some of them with you.

Whoever said art had to be cerebral?

                          ‘Nightlife Neverland Style.’

Scott nightlife neverland style

                       ‘Now, Which One Of You Squealed?’

Scott squealed

                                 ‘I Can’t Feel My Legs.’

Scott legs

            ‘As Elton John May Have Said: “It’s No Sacrifice.”

scott sacrificed

                   ‘Waterboarding Gingerbread Style.’

scott waterboarding

                 ‘Saturday Night in Never Never Land.’




                           ‘Could This Be The End?’

scott end

Could this really be the end? Is Scott’s next stop Tate Modern? Or Park House, after his other half finally has him sectioned? Tune in next week for further insights into his disturbed psyche, featuring toilet rolls, gingerbread men, and the Facebook Share button.

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