Feathered Frenzy

I know, I know, I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help it.

A casual glance at my Stats page earlier gave the usual breakdown of data and figures. What is gaining hits, what is dying a slow death.Targets to be broken, self-esteem to shatter. You know the stuff. Nothing unusual, but then I looked at ‘Search Engine Terms’.

Normally there are just two or three words entered, such as native american, or old photographs that have obviously led the searcher to my appropriate posts. But today I saw the following:

Jackdaws are biting my car to pieces.

It tickled me as soon as I read it. I was struck by an image of a frantic, beleaguered man searching desperately online for an answer to the frenzied stripping of his pride and joy and getting lost in a maze of Neolithic art, balloons, and dog eating weirdos, crying out “what is this shit?” as the dark plague can be seen falling on his Audi TT through the window behind him.

I hope he fell back on the idea of a garage rather than a shotgun. But either way, my traffic has improved.

6 thoughts on “Feathered Frenzy

  1. Hilarious that, someone needs to tell that Jackdaws don’t have any teeth, and if he changed his search term to Jackdaws are ‘pecking’ my car to pieces would he have actually landed on your page? Have you actually run his search term though Google search engine and seen your page come up, because that would be funny also :O)


  2. Because I’ve quoted his search words, if he is driven by desperation to search again he is going to end up on this very post. And I will have those words again in my search engine terms. It is going to be relentless, going on and on.
    And in the meanwhile, his car is is going to be stripped bare. And my viewing figures rise.
    Really, we shouldn’t laugh.


  3. Now I want to find out about the guy whose car jackdaws are attacking!

    You’re braver than me. Everyone tells me to look at the stats page. But I try to avoid looking at the stats. I don’t want to feel worse than I do! But I’m really glad your traffic has improved. Your blog deserves readers.


    • The traffic bit was tongue in cheek-I just meant that that harassed man had visited, and that a new post was born from it.
      I too am curious- somewhere, in some unknown corner of the world, a life or death struggle ensues. Red in tooth, claw, and windscreen wiper.


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