Feathered Frenzy Update #1

You may recall my earlier post on June 27th, called Feathered Frenzy, about the particular phrase that I discovered on my ‘search engine terms’ section of my stats page, that tickled me so much:

Jackdaws are biting my car to pieces

I know, I should be over it by now. But I still cannot help laughing at it in its implied desperation.

Anyway, it has instilled in me a need to keep checking my stats page for new terms used that have somehow thrown the searchers a curve ball and led them to my blog site. These three were from yesterday:

how long will jackdaws nest in my fascias 

rabbits huddle together is it normal

and my favourite:

man eats his wife

The first sentence again implies a certain desperation, the second one a concerned curiosity. As for the third, man eats his wife, goodness knows what is going on there. I hope it isn’t a confessional, but somehow I don’t think City Jackdaw will turn out to be of much use to the searcher.

Man eats his wife. They do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Anyway, I have a new hobby now. I cannot wait to see what future inane, random wording will be used to direct these hapless, anonymous seekers to my site.

Inane, random wording. A match made in heaven.


14 thoughts on “Feathered Frenzy Update #1

  1. My favorite is still “Jackdaws are biting my car to pieces.” I know your wife told you to stop writing about birds, but does this make you want to write another post about jackdaws?


    • Well to be honest, my blog was never meant to be about jackdaws-they were not a bird I felt any great affinity with. It was just a fortuitous discovery of that old 19th Century Manchester magazine City Jackdaw at a time when I was looking for a name for my blog. (see first ever post-Why City Jackdaw).
      But since adopting them, so to speak, they do sort of keep turning up. So you never know! I never really held any pre-conceived ideas about how my blog would evolve, and what subjects would feature. Still don’t! It’s organic, yeah ?
      That is a long winded answer for ‘we shall see!’


  2. Talking of inane random wording – when last in Capetown I discovered the tabloids that are written by, for , and about the residents of the townships – the blacks who tend not to have had the opportunity for a good education and live in poverty.
    well the sensationalism of their headlines makes the SUN newspaper read like a ” women’s insitute” publication.
    I was spellbound by these newspapers for a while and bought them daily.
    One particular headline caught my eye one day (and here is the link to inane random wording)
    it said “COW KILLS MAN”
    How could that have happened I wondered and quickly turned to the article only to find that the story was simply about a man who had died of food poisoning after eating at a particular fast food beefburger place.
    Great headline though – a bit like “jackdaws are biting my car to pieces” lol


    • Yes definitely catches the eye. Don’t know of you’ve heard of Fortean Times? It’s a magazine that features all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. They have a section that highlights such headlines in newspapers and journals from all around the world. People can send them in-you would have kept them going on your own with your newspapers! I used to read it years ago, but now my world of weird and wonderful is served by WordPress.


  3. As you pointed out so well not only do words attract but they leave lasting impressions. A good wordsmith will know how and when to utilize them to his(her) best advantage.
    Thank you for following me. Looking forward to reading more from you. Eddie


  4. I got strangers landing on my website with the search terms “free watch poop movies” and “cockatiel diaper pattern”. That’s right. A diaper for a bird.


    • It does make you wonder about the people doing the searching doesn’t it?
      Free watch poop movies-can’t say I’m tempted.


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