Fright Fest. I Shouldn’t Laugh…….

I like to think that I have a sense of humour, but when it comes to what makes me laugh not everything tickles. I don’t really go for stand-up, and cannot listen to more than a couple of jokes without my laughter becoming forced.

What really cracks me up though are wind ups, pranks, over-reactions, and (non-injurious) mishaps. Just everyday people in everyday situations doing something fantastically funny.

There are wind-ups though, and then there are potential heart attack wind-ups.

This first video here is from Japan. Now you and I, switched on, level headed people that we are, know full well that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago.  But when you are put on the spot, and you don’t have the luxury of time to use your reason…..

If you thought that was a little too close to flatlining, the Brazilians went one better with the good old ghost girl in the elevator trick :

Yes it was cruel, potentially harmful, and genuinely terrifying for those unfortunate people who will never ride an elevator again. It is maybe a step too far to provide entertainment for the likes of you and I, safely sat in our homes and in the know.

And did I laugh?

You bet.


Both videos from YouTube.


5 thoughts on “Fright Fest. I Shouldn’t Laugh…….

  1. First, I’d like to know where I can get that T-Rex costume. That was very well done. Second, I laughed at those poor people running from the guy in the costume. I admit I giggled at the ghost girl. But my goodness, they take a chance. What if someone had a heart attack??


    • Over here there used to be a show called Beadle’s About. A guy now deceased called Jeremy Beadle used to wind up the public at large. I recall reading about a stunt in a funeral home or mortuary when the ‘dead’ person sat up. The unfortunate victim of the hoax jumped head first through a window (luckily on the ground floor) and this stunt was condemned as being potentially dangerous and was not shown.
      Think the Japanese and the Brazilians don’t have those scruples. Thankfully for the perspective of us chuckling viewers.


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