Claws for the Weekend:Grim Reality

I was walking the dog early this morning. As I passed a parked car I happened to glance at my reflection in the window. For the first time ever, the thought came:

I am getting old.

Despite my collar turned up and cap pulled down low, I could see it.

Autumn is here, the season of change and decay. The natural way of things.

Hold that happy thought.

Try and feel comfortable in your skin. Avoid all smoking mirrors.

And don’t forget to moisturise.



Have a great weekend.

See you on the flip side.

9 thoughts on “Claws for the Weekend:Grim Reality

    • That sounds like an experience.
      I am in the North of England-expecting cold winds to begin to sweep down soon over the Pennines. We get a lot of rain, but thankfully not as much as last year’s record downfall.


      • We’ve had rain all summer. Even more than usual. We went two weeks with rain every day at one point and nearly doubled the average amount of rain fall for this time of year. But even when we’re in a drought its humid. Ever wonder why country music singers have such big hair? It’s cause of the humidity haha. Frizzy hair had to become fashionable. Gives us great skin though. We used to be a.temperate zone but now we’re sub tropical. Not kidding on that.


  1. Andy, when you get to the point where your children (or in my case, nieces and nephews) are texting you on their own phones, THEN you know you’re getting old. So take comfort in the fact that still you’re still just a young pup. Your children are too young for cell phones.


    • Well I have a quite a range, from 3 up to (almost) 17. I have two older children from a previous. I know-Jackdaw Dark Horse, and two younger ones with my wife.
      The older two text me, and sometimes come to my rescue when City Jackdaw is stuck in a technical calamity!
      I still feel young-it was just my initial response on seeing my reflected mugshot. I looked drawn, my eyes hooded. Hopefully it was the light 🙂


  2. Arghh! Reflective surfaces – hide, hide!! LOL. I hate catching sight of my ‘concentrating face’. It really explains why some of the older generation look so goddam grumpy – they’re just concentrating really, really hard 😀


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