Are You Still There, Dear Reader?

Finally, finally, I come stumbling out of the shadows of the Dark Ages, blinking furiously in the blinding new light of the 21st Century. It is a relief to see that the world has continued in my absence.

While I have been denied access to the virtual world, what has happened here in the shrinking boundaries of my environment?

Well, September passed with one final, glorious flourish.

2013-09-27 15.28.48

This is a fishing lake next to my daughter’s school, looking towards the two local churches in the distance, near to my home.

Then October inched forward shyly, offering a half-hearted indication of what is in store for us this Autumn.

2013-09-25 12.40.45

Colder, misty mornings in which to revel on the route to my son’s playschool.

“Frogs!” he kept saying, “Frogs!” Don’t bother enlarging the photographs to hunt among the grass-he meant fog.

2013-09-25 11.53.13 (1)

Now that I finally have internet connection again, I am sending out this quick post as an intangible message in a bottle to see what happens.Will it wash up somewhere on a virtual shore, to be picked up by old familiar friends? Or to be stumbled across by a couple of curious strangers, picking their way upon a random route?

I press ‘Publish’ and put my ear to the ground.

Is there anybody still out there?

9 thoughts on “Are You Still There, Dear Reader?

  1. Hey, Andy! I just returned home myself from my trip. I’m glad you’re finally back online. How frustrating for you though! What lovely photos. The blue of the water is so crisp! I love looking at photos!
    Autumn is my favorite season. I love the changing colors.
    How is your daughter liking her clubs? She has craft club and cooking, right?


    • That’s right. I was going to mention them in this post about what has been going on while I’ve been off line, but thought it would become too long. You know how I signed her up so I could get an extra forty five minutes? Well, irony of ironies, I forgot that she was doing Craft Club and turned up to get her at hometime. So I had forty five minutes to kill. And just as James was getting impatient as we walked the immediate neighbourhood, guess what? He found boons! Tied to the handrail and noticeboard of the local church. Everywhere he goes-he finds them. It is a gift he has. I had no idea the world held so many balloons. But they always cross his path. So I took a few photographs of a now happy lad, several boons trailing behind him.


  2. “Hello,” she says waving her arm like a crazy woman. “I’m here.”

    I read your comment above – have you seen “The Red Balloon”? You need to show your son that movie, I think.

    I tolerate autumn because I have to. I much prefer the glorious sun of summer. I don’t mind frogs, but I’m not a fan of fog.


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