When A Day Of Death Became A Bridge

My Dad died ten years ago today. Although we mark it, the day itself is not significant.

There were days when he was here, then there are days when he is not. There is just a before and after.

Time appears cyclical to me, when I view the seasons, married to the differing stages of our lives, but we chart things in a linear fashion. That day ten years ago perhaps became a bridge, where plans/hopes/dreams pass by memories/regrets/hindsight , each moving in opposite directions.

What is known of us, that which survives us, becomes less and less as memories fade along with the number of storytellers.

The personalities and stories behind the details, enshrined in the remembrance of others.

I was going to publish some photographs here, reducing a full life to a handful of images, but instead I have decided the best way to honour him and the role he played in my life is to continue telling his story to my children.

That is the best way of keeping my Dad alive.

12 thoughts on “When A Day Of Death Became A Bridge

  1. I agree that honoring his legacy by telling your children about him is the best thing you could do. I’m sorry they didn’t get a chance to meet him in person. But they’ve met him through you.


  2. Once again, wordpress is not allowing me to LIKE your post. They have decided my blog does not exist, so there ya go….
    But I do like your post — and I would wager that your dad is still hanging around you in the ethereal way…I felt my dad’s presence when I was at Oceti Sakowin (Standing Rock) while I waited to go on a protest. In this life, he would have NEVER agreed with me going on a protest. He probably would have called me a commie. Glad that he is doing some healing where he’s at now. 🙂

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    • I’m sorry that WP is somehow trying to come between us! And yes I believe that, as hinted at in my reply to Michael above. I’m glad that you had that experience too, fortifying you in standing up for what is right.

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      • Ha. They allowed me to like this…very strange. Glad that you feel that way, too. I think our Spirit continues on the journey…

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