The Day of the Doctor

Calm down Whovians, we are nearly there!



That’s whovian.

Me toovian.

Eleven days to go. Here’s a taster.

Oh, go on then-for you lot who like continuity. Here is the first trailer, featuring the old Doctors. Continuity can be complicated though, especially when it comes to time travel.

Hold on to your fez.

Jellybaby anyone?

4 thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor

    • I know!! Two Doctors!! And if you count John Hurt-three!
      No surprise Mr Eccleston declined to reappear. I would have loved the character of Ian Chesterton to appear-at the very end of his life linking up again with the Doctor and providing a connection to that very first episode in ’63. But I know-Doctors ten and eleven with Rose and Clara-no pleasing some people! Maybe there will be a few surprises too.
      Counting down 🙂


      • Yeah, I’m not surprised about Christopher Eccleston. He was pretty adamant about only being the Doctor for a year, right?
        I love John Hurt. Love, love, love him!


      • Google ‘The Night Of The Doctor’. There is a six minute mini-episode that explains the John Hurt connection. Only seen it today.


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