Claws for the Weekend:Kids Play

My daughter Millie came out of school a few days ago, gushing about the game she had been playing with her friends. Like all good stories, it is a long-running affair, an episode every lunch time.

Half listening, which I unfortunately sometimes do on the perilous journey home as I navigate the many roads to cross, while keeping a firm grip on her younger brother, I asked her what the game was.

“Well, I am Barbie,

photo (48)

and Lucy is Barbie’s sister Stacie,

photo (49)

Evie is my boyfriend Crystal Ken,

photo (50)

Freya is Barbie’s little puppy dog

photo (51)

and Lana is the zombie.”

photo (52)

That’s right:

“I am Barbie, Lucy is Barbie’s sister,Stacie, Evie is my boyfriend Crystal Ken, Freya is my little puppy dog, and Lana is the zombie.”

Perhaps these really are the games our kids play in the Twenty First Century. Although I must admit, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, my first thought would not be:

photo (53)


Whatever role you play this weekend, be it cute, pigtailed doll or festering walking dead, have a great one.

See you on the flipside.

4 thoughts on “Claws for the Weekend:Kids Play

  1. Ha ha!!! Love the twist with the addition of zombies! So is this a game of survival? Who will get eaten first? Can Barbie and Stacie actually run from zombies in stiletto heels??? And what of the dog?


    • Reminds me of my cousin. She had two older brothers. She would be so thankful when they invited her to play cowboys and Indians with her, she would come out with a toy pistol tucked in her knickers beneath her dress. The they would tie her to the lamppost.
      Or they would get herto come and play football and make her stand there being one of the goalposts.

      Ps there is still a Regan shaped hole in my life!


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