Twilight Time #1

I overheard a conversation today between two people. I didn’t intentionally listen, but they were sat behind me on the bus, and so I was a captive eavesdropper. They were talking about what their favourite time of the day was.

By favourite time, I don’t mean 2.34am, or 15.12pm. Rather, the portion of day that they preferred.

One announced that he was a morning person. The other snorted, claiming that he had always been a ‘night owl’.

As we carve up the year into seasons into months into weeks into days into hours, I suppose we cannot help but hold them to comparison and have preferences.

My favourite season is Winter. My favourite half of the year begins with Autumn. Or Fall, as they put it more poetically across the pond.

But what about my favourite time of the day?

I love twilight, that time when the daylight noticeably falters and fades. If I feel the need to get out for a walk, this would be my preferred time. There is a definite sense of the world settling down, of things moving at a slower rhythm. As dusk approaches, there is a welcoming of shadows.

We can get all technical about it. We can name and describe the different stages


But I don’t need to know this. It is more about experiencing the slowing of momentum, the effect on the senses, as the shadows grow, the air cools, and the blackbird greets the approaching night with its final song.

The blackbird is always the last bird that I hear.

The local herald that draws the line.

The Celts knew twilight as the time-between-time.

The time between time. I love that, a liminal time where boundaries blur.  A distinct hinterland where thresholds are crossed.

This is a time of magic where the raucous slips into repose. Where the senses of clarity are undercut by dark imaginings.

This is the time that I find the most inspirational.

But what about you? Early bird or night owl?

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13 thoughts on “Twilight Time #1

  1. I probably am an early bird.But I think that comes from having a doog.when he was younger there was nothing better than getting out and about with him early doors and watching nature waking up.


  2. I remember your post about loving winter. Favorite time of day? Good question. I used to be more of a night owl when I was in college. I’d stay up till 5 a.m. easily. Nowadays, because I get up so early (6 or 7), I usually get to bed around 11:30 or midnight, unless I’m posting on the blog. Then I get to bed around 12:30 or 1. But the best time for me to write is in the morning. I never used to consider myself much of a morning person. I sort of evolved into one.


    • I always considered myself a night owl, but my routine has changed like you.
      These days I get up around 6.00am, and so go to bed around 10.30/11.00pm. I try to aim for seven hours sleep, children not withstanding!


  3. In terms of productivity I am a morning person. But I terms of being in the day, twilight is my clear favorite. It seems perfectly designed to help humans stop and notice how the environment changes subtly as light grows into darkness. I like that time between time, especially since I think I have a bit of the Celt in me. I loved this post and the gradations of blue.


  4. I, alas, am a night owl. But, I also love the light of day so that twilight time feels melancholy to me, unless it’s summer and daylight is longer. Which is probably why I prefer summer.


    • Melancholy is the feeling I get. Melancholy and shadow and bleak landscapes mostly inspire me more than happy and light and summer flowered meadows.
      Perhaps it is because I am a northerner. I feel like a northerner.
      Reaching for my happy pills now 🙂
      Thank you for your comment Mary.


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