New Year:The Last Words Of A Sentimentalist

Well as conversations go, I couldn’t see the problem.

The end of the year seems to make all of us into philosophers and analysts, and my wife was in suitably reflective mood. Looking back on 2013, she considered the highs and the lows, the blessings and the challenges. She paused when thinking of loved ones lost. She talked of the things that she had found trying, the uncertainties of life that caused her to worry, but also the successes that brought her great joy. She talked of our growth as a couple, and as a family, the way our children were continuing to blossom, and looked forward to greater opportunities for us all in 2014.

Then she asked me to give my perspective on 2013.

“Well, the most emotional parts was Agnetha Fältskog coming out of exile, and Tom Baker appearing at the end of the Doctor Who anniversary special.” 

It was when I saw the look on her face that I began to falter.

“Erm….” (where was I? Oh yes-emotional) “James Herbert dying too….I loved his books when I was younger.”

She seemed to be waiting for something else, but I couldn’t fathom what, and as the silence grew between us, she then said, in a very clipped fashion:

“And what about plans for 2014?”

I didn’t feel, exactly, that she was testing me, but I did begin to feel uncomfortable, and thought that the best policy was honesty:

“Well, I am expecting City to win the league.”

Best Wishes to you all from North Manchester General Hospital. Hope the year is a good one for all of us single people.

12 thoughts on “New Year:The Last Words Of A Sentimentalist

  1. Wow. I return from my week-long Christmas trip and I see I’ve missed a lot of posts. You like to live dangerously, don’t you? I need to consider my year-end retrospective. But I’ll probably be just as philosophical as you. 🙂


    • Yes did a couple of Christmas posts-a question about what makes ‘holy’ holy, and a poem I wrote seventeen years ago! Then took a Christmas break before starting again on the eve of new year. My first Jackdaw Christmas period.
      And yes Linda-deep thinkers that we are 🙂


      • Oh, more than a just a touch…but it’s all even come Saturday. Should be an interesting ride this season with all the changes at Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manu. Still see your Blues as odds on favorite for top of the league…and yes, I am hoping for at least a fourth place finish, which is sad but realistic.


      • I do think that it will be between us and Chelsea, but no doubt about it
        United are going to be more of a force this season. I think Arsenal will be too. Liverpool? I don’t know. Last year they weren’t in the Champions League so they had a straight run at the Premiership , playing a lot less games than the rest of the teams near the top. That will run in United’s favour this year.


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