Imbolc Woman

Yesterday my pagan friends celebrated the festival of Imbolc.
This is the festival that falls midway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. I have heard it said that it is a time to celebrate, among other things, the coming of spring,  fertility, fecundity, reproduction, and the young.

I found this old photograph a while back, and to me it seems to symbolises all of these things. Perhaps it is just the flowers in the hair. I wonder if she is going to San Francisco?
I think the woman in the portrait may have been famous, but I have lost the details. Sometimes a sense of mystery adds to the allure.
Anybody know who she is, or rather, was? Or would that spoil things?


6 thoughts on “Imbolc Woman

  1. What a beautiful photograph. Nicely framed. I think I’d rather not know how she is. Y’know, like with Mona Lisa. I can admire the painting without knowing the details.


  2. She looks like my daughter who just got back from San Fran lollllll… I cannot believe kids are picking up the hippy lifestyle again!


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