The Shot-Burst Tree

When I was a child, I would always pass this Silverbirch tree when travelling into the town center. When adorned in foliage it would not catch the eye, but around this time of year when bare I would always notice what at the time I presumed were many old bird’s nests entangled in its branches. I thought that for some unknown reason it was a really popular tree with the birds. I have since learned that these tangle of twigs are known as galls. Or, if you prefer-witches’ brooms.

It would remind me of the spray of shotgun pellets, or a sky peppered with the flak of anti-aircraft fire. Such was how my young mind worked. My camera phone shot doesn’t do it justice. What it needs is a good, young imagination.


7 thoughts on “The Shot-Burst Tree

    • And a good memory to recall the young imagination!
      As I remember the main image I had was of the sky stained with the anti-aircraft fire. Every Winter, when it caught my eye.


      • I was a child during the Cold War.People in my neighborhood had bomb shelters. Your imagination at that time would have scared the you know what out of me!


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