Jackdaw Seeks Scribe, Apply Within

Those damn Gremlins have struck again.

My PC has lapsed into a permanent vegetative state.

I have a techno guy who I habitually haunt. I ring him at work, greet him quite affably with a “Hi, are you okay? So, I’m sat in front of my PC…..”ย There will be a small, resigned sigh, followed by “Go on…….”ย Then he will baby walk me through a minefield of headspinning gobbledygook.

He then got wise to me and started fielding my calls. I mean, how many meetings can you be in in one day? So I would ring him on my wife’s phone and it would be his turn to be all affable: “Hi Jen.”

It’s not Jen, it’s Andy, but I am sat in front of my PC……”

So I am currently waiting on said techno guy to jump start my flatlining computer. I am letting you lot know as, until then, Jackdaw will only be able to do some short fledgling hops as opposed to longer, migratory flights. I am limited to what I can do on my iPad.

Not as many nice, shiny pictures.

I could perhaps use a scribe, someone I could dictate to (in a non-Hitler type of way).

I think that would be kinda cool. Anyone out there fancy being the Sosthenes to my St.Paul? The Adam to my Chaucer? In a paint-by-numbers sort of way.

I once read that Mark Twain’s wife used to go through his work and remove all the swear words. I will make it easier for you-I promise not to pollute your ears with my filthy vernacular.

And I will throw in a name check with a few smiley faces. Or emoticons, as those technical people call them. You wouldn’t get that with St.Paul.

Hey, techno guy! What about you? Fancy being my scribe? What do you say?”

Charming. Now those are some words that we won’t be able to use.



10 thoughts on “Jackdaw Seeks Scribe, Apply Within

  1. Those gremlins get everywhere.. or is it trolls here in Denmark? I am still trying to hastily replace all the lost files etc from my pc meltdown, luckily, I have a brother in law who is a technowizard coming next week to help.. and then back to blogging I hope.. in the meantime, just keep plying your chap with lots of coffee…. and fingers crossed the gremlins don’t multiply ๐Ÿ˜‰


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