Jack Attack

Well I know Spring has definitely arrived when the following sentence appears in the ‘search engine terms’ of my dashboard:

Jackdaws have nested in my fascia boards.

You remember my posts last year, the Feathered Frenzy series? All types of despairing, disparate people were stumbling onto my blog in a desperate attempt to garner information on how to repel these dark invaders. My favourite one was:

Jackdaws are eating my car.

There was a definite sense of last straw desperation about the people who were caught up in the maze of City Jackdaw, tearing their hair out, exclaiming “What am I supposed to do, pepper them with poetry? Harass them with humour? Repel them with a reblog?”

We are back in the cycle of the Jackdaw, I will now keep an eye on my search engine terms with interest. If you are one of those desperate, besieged victims, dear reader, stick around, throw us a follow. Together we’ll figure it out.

But first, how about an old photograph?

5 thoughts on “Jack Attack

    • They must have done according to my desperate traffic…I mean, my lovely readers.
      Starling numbers are well down over here now along with sparrows. They used to be the two most common, but now they are in trouble.
      This is Bill Oddie, saying goodnight……


  1. I thought you were going to show an old photograph! I waited there at the end for it. 🙂
    Wow. Jackdaws must be populous there. I remember that desperate cry about the jackdaws eating the car. Birds keep pooping on my car.


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