I Love You, You Animal

As I said in my comment, I think that music is the most emotive of all of the art forms, the one that touches us more deeply than the others. But this post is more than about music, it is profound and beautiful and deserves to be shared.

A victim of my own body

Though music has a way of nailing the rawer parts of my soul to a cross, it rarely elicits enough emotion to make me cry. Actually, art and life-events in general rarely make me cry. It’s an unspoken rule of disassociation.

Today, the above cover of Miike Snow’s “Animal” broke that rule.

Through Javier Dunn’s cover of a long-time favorite song, I learned another meaning of love. In fact, I learned a new way to love.

As a writer, I’m accustom to possessing the gift of life – the gift of creation – the gift of birth. When love spills forth from the wellspring of my heart I cannot hold back the words. I cannot hold back the poetry. I cannot hold back weaving that person – that friend, that loved one, that family member – into any and every work possible.

After all, as an unknown source said, “When…

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2 thoughts on “I Love You, You Animal

    • I shared this on my Facebook too, saying:
      ‘For all of you who are inspired by music, and poetry, and love. The sun is shining, Jen is away, and I’m getting soft.’
      I added a little humour on there at the end, as is my want, but it really was an inspiring post you wrote.


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