Jesus in the Electric Chair

A timely reblog for an early post.

City Jackdaw

Being Easter weekend, my news feed on Facebook has been clogged up with images and artwork portraying the crucifixion of Christ. Some respectful, some irreverent. But by far the image that most caught the eye, and the imagination, was the image of the sculpture by British artist Paul Fryer.

photo (3)

Made of wax, wood, and human hair, the work was entitled ‘Pietà.’

Pietà means pity. A pietà is a painting or sculpture of Mary holding and grieving over the dead body of  Christ. There have been many of these paintings and sculptures done. The most famous is the sculpture by Michelangelo in St.Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This is the only work that the sculptor ever signed. The story has it that the artist was proudly watching a throng of people looking at his creation, when he overheard some admirers attribute it to other artists. Overcome by anger, he signed the statue, later regretting…

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3 thoughts on “Jesus in the Electric Chair

  1. I remember that post! Very thought provoking!! The sculpture is striking. I’m glad to see a modern-day portrayal like this.
    At church on Good Friday we watched part of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Really hits you viscerally.


    • Yes, I don’t like reblogging posts too much unless there is something relevant, or an anniversary date -how quickly it comes around! Got my St.George’s Day reblog pending 🙂


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