Outdoor Futile Exercises

Summer’s arrival calls us out of our dark hovels. My son and I went for a walk in the local woods, armed with the essential survival kit: 55p bottle of mineral water and a tissue.


Fancy yourself as an explorer wee one? Time to step up.


So much more colourful than the usual urban graffiti.


Where is the summer son?


Futile Exercise #1: Hanging close to the water was a swarm of midges. How do you count them when there are thousands of the things and you can only count to ten?


Futile Exercise #2: How do you locate James when he is wearing his tree life camouflage t-shirt? Can anyone spot him for me?


Futile Exercise #3: Trying to get a smile out of your son when he keeps failing in his attempt to catch damsel flies. Damn-silly flies.


James went on ahead to check out the fisherman’s progress. A line from my Dad came to mind:

“I don’t see the point in trying to outwit a creature that doesn’t have a brain to begin with.”


You are here-City Jackdaw, c/o WordPress.


We have had an unprecedented five continuous days of sunshine in the normally bleak north west of England. Somewhere down the line, we’re gonna pay.


Make the most of it people. Slap on the suncream.


10 thoughts on “Outdoor Futile Exercises

  1. Lovely post, and great pics! Who knew Alky woods would come up so picturesque? Your son looks like he made the most of the sunshine…and boy did we have payback this morning 😦


    • Yes Alky Woods and Rhodes Lodges are a lovely place to walk now-they’ve made it really attractive and accessible. And yes the rain-we knew it was only a matter of time didn’t we?


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