Midsummer. Evening.

Everything still looks the same, but a line has been crossed.

Any change, any shift, will for a while be imperceptible. But things, as always happens, will gradually gather momentum until all is transformed.

“Time and tide wait for no man,” my father used to say.

They didn’t wait for him. He never attempted to outrun, or withstand. Once you reach a certain age, there is an air of inevitability about things. But there is no great hurry. We can live riding the rhythms of seasons, of tides.

The sun begins to set, it does not appear any different to the way it set last night, or the night before. But a person knows. That is our curse. But it is also a blessing.

Today has been a good day, shared with family and friends, and the things that count.

In the morning the rising sun will place another bead upon the abacus of the mortal man.



Local photograph by Drou Petrides

11 thoughts on “Midsummer. Evening.

  1. What a beautiful sunset!
    Isn’t it amazing how time seems to speed by? The other day, I was telling my niece how quickly she’s grown up. She’s in college now!


  2. Lovely. I find the setting of the sun to be an event one should get a good seat for early, in order to try to catch each imperceptible lessening of the light, until it is clear that night has fallen. I rarely get to watch the entire show. Life, you know?


    • Oh I know. Dusk is my favourite time. In Celtic countries twilight was referred to as the time-between-time. I love that, (I have referred to it in a few previous posts, from memory the poem entitled Blackbird) and it is my favourite time to walk. I use any excuse to get outdoors at this time-pop to the shop, walk the dog, have a brew in the garden. It is the time I find most inspirational. I take time to try and experience the sense of the world settling down.
      It may sound a bit pretentious and new agey, but that’s how I see it.
      Oh yeah-I just recalled another poem posted on here called Twilight-very short so I will quote it:


      Twilight is a truly
      mystical time.
      To taste the sublime,
      feel the caress,
      first undress
      the senses.

      Hope you didn’t mind Jackdaw getting all self-indulgent 🙂


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