Dear Tooth Fairy, Or May I Call You Laran?

This was the letter that my seven year old daughter Millie left out for the Tooth Fairy. It suggests a certain familiarity, but it seems that they have met before. They are on first name terms, you know.


We have a student staying with us from Angola. I had to explain to him, in front of Millie, how difficult it is for the Tooth Fairy to remove a tooth from underneath a pillow, itself beneath a sleepy head, and substitute a few coins in its place. I had to emphasise the words ‘Tooth Fairy’ and do that thing with my eyes to ensure that he did not think that his English host was barking.

I think he got it.

Asked if they had similar customs back home, he replied that they left the tooth somewhere up high, above them, (that would be so much easier) and in the morning there would be a gift there instead.

Millie’s eyes grew wide. “You mean like a computer, or an iPad?”

That was before the recession kid, the Tooth Fairy now deals in shrapnel. At least in this house she does.

6 thoughts on “Dear Tooth Fairy, Or May I Call You Laran?

  1. Love it. When I lost one of my milk teeth I was at infant school running around in the playground and I ran straight into a friend – my tooth fell out and was promptly kicked somewhere out of sight. I was devastated – no tooth to put under my pillow. So I wrote a note. “Dear Tooth Fairy, my tooth fell out today at school but it was kicked somewhere by Martin. It really did fall out but I don’t have it anymore. Could I still please have some money?” I think my Mum still has the note somewhere. I think I might have had 50p for that one, I normally got about 10p or 20p but I think this was special circumstances.


    • I like the idea that you was struggling against: ‘no tooth-no proof’ 🙂
      I have a feeling that the Tooth Fairy located that tooth in the playground. They are magic after all, you know.


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