6 thoughts on “The Big Smoke

    • Nationally it was 50 years for us poor, mortally challenged guys, and 54 years for women. You get four years of freedom 🙂
      That was nationally though, I don’t know what it was for heavily industrialised Manchester only.
      I know from doing my family history how low it was in the 1800’s. I remember particularly looking into the life of a woman (a gt gt, or gt gt gt grandmother-can’t remember off hand) who had a hard life, widowed, illegitimate children, etc) and sought out a census expecting to find her family living on without her. (So I could pinpoint her death.) I found she was still alive in her 70’s-and I felt an unparalleled feeling of pride for her. She was the only one in my many branches at that time who reached that age, in what must have been a hard and difficult struggle for her.
      I still haven’t located her date of death yet-I do the tree in fits and starts. It never ends!


    • I know. I had a Gt Aunt who only died last year. She told me once that she would look at all the younger ones in the family-all with nice houses, cars, jobs, etc, and she would think ‘if you only knew where you came from. How much of a struggle it was.’


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