Happy Meal

This afternoon, for the first time ever, I saw Ronald McDonald in our local McDonald’s restaurant.

Kids were traumatised. He seemed totally oblivious to the wide circle that was forming as he moved among the queues. “Freaky!” was just one of the comments I heard muttered.


Is he really a suitable figure to promote Happy Meals? Why don’t they go the whole hog and use Pennywise to bring the families in? Balloon, little boy?


At long last I would be able to have a coffee in there in peace.

Whenever I think of clowns it is either Stephen King’s creation or John Wayne Gacy who springs to mind. 

Think it’s time for the kids to give Subway a go.

8 thoughts on “Happy Meal

  1. Good one! Made me think of the time I took my five-year-old to a restaurant where there was a kids’ party going on. The clown they’d hired saw my son and thougt he’d come by and say Hi. My son dove under the table and wouldn’t come back up until the clown left.

    Never trust a man who paints his face. That’s our motto.


    • That is a good rule of thumb. I guess that kid never grew up to be a KISS fan? I used to work with a guy that didn’t trust men with beards. He used to say that they were trying to hide their faces.


  2. Ha. Kids are usually either traumatized or hostile with mascot characters. I remember having to dress as a dalmatian for an office Christmas party. Kids either kicked or bit me.


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