6 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Living in such a small town it’s virtually impossible to walk around without bumping into ‘ghosts from the past’ (that phrase has stuck in my head since I first read your ‘About’ page!) … it’s nice that you seem to embrace this inevitability when I can only somewhat despise it!
    This is also a very beautiful poem.. the final two lines are shiver-worthy. 🙂


    • I’m impressed that you remember my ‘about’ 🙂 I have actually written a post called A Town Of Ghosts, but since I have done quite a few time-oriented posts recently I am saving it for another time.
      I think what contributes to that sense of ghosts is that I can remember a lot from my childhood-including actual conversations and phrases used in my juvenile exchanges. I have also written a poem called The Invisible Hills which refers to this. Maybe I should post that? It’s a little longer though.
      When I walk these streets sometimes it’s as though I am operating in several time zones at once-seeing everything as it is but also overlaid with how it was. And yes-ghosts abound everywhere!
      God help me if I should reach an old age and all my friends fall away before me-I’m terribly nostalgic as it is. Of course I still hope to be posting on Jackdaw, but I hope you will excuse a certain senility on my part.
      Thanks for your complimentary comment, Miss PJ 🙂


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