8 thoughts on “Providence And Patience

  1. My cousin-in-law and his wife decided on the spur of the moment to take the day off. It was their first anniversary and the day was so beautiful. She worked above the impact zone in the first tower hit by a plane. The son of a friend of mine worked for the same company – Cantor Fitzgerald. He did not take the day off and was on time. No one at work in Cantor Fitzgerald’s offices that day made it out. Howard Ludnick, head of Cantor Fitzgerald, was the man who took his son to his first day of school.

    I often need to remember that I am exactly where I’m meant to be. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. I remember hearing the stories that day of how people didn’t go to work that day for various providential reasons!
    So glad Mary told her friend’s son’s story.


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