A Short Notice About My Un-Following Cumberland Sausage Fingers.

May I just bring something to the notice of you fine, discerning lot?

Of course I may-it’s my blog πŸ™‚

It seems that my large, Cumberland sausage fingers have been inadvertently taking some of you from my ‘Blogs I Follow’ list. It must be that when I am scrolling through my newsfeed I am accidentally deleting some of you from my community of cool. I have discovered three such blogs that I have done this to just this very week. It was as a result of trying to locate the blogs, when thinking that the bloggers’ posts seem to have dried up, or that they had just gone a bit quiet, when I realised what I had done. Luckily I have managed to track down these blogs and ‘follow’ them again. And now I am trying to wrack my functioning-challenged brain to see if there are any more affronted bloggers out there who I have so coldly abandoned.

If ever you find that I have disappeared from your followers list, now or sometime in the future, please let me know as it will not be something I’ve done on purpose. I hang on the every word of you guys. We’ve got a good thing going here.

It’s either you lot keep me in the know, or it’s a finger transplant.

Cumberlands for chipolatas. Β Scrolls for screams.

Please-I’d prefer a nice comment. Enjoy the rest of your day.

14 thoughts on “A Short Notice About My Un-Following Cumberland Sausage Fingers.

      • *casually slicks hair back with gel, and whips on aviator shades*
        Eek yippee!!! – errr, I mean. That’s so..groovy. NARLY. Neat? Dope. Dang it! Where’s ma cool??


      • You sound like you’ve just stepped out of the Top Gun movie πŸ™‚
        All of a sudden I feel too uncool for my own community of cool.


  1. Someone else asked me about this. She said her blog hadn’t been going out to everyone. I just naturally stop over here, rather than wait for it to pop up through the email.
    Sometimes I’ve accidentally unfollowed people just by scrolling over the following. Don’t mean to do that!


  2. Uh oh. Didn’t know you could unfollow just by hovering over the “follow.” There’s no telling what I’ve done, but luckily the blogosphere is largely forgiving, and if I have unknowingly unfollower folks I can just refollow. But of course they will see that i have, and I will die of embarrassment. I suppose there are worse ways to go.


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