15 thoughts on “Smiley Parent Face

      • XD
        But it’s worse when teachers are so kind and all saying “so how are you?” And we’re all “tired” and they’re all “only seven weeks till half term! Then another and then Christmas”

        Ah there’s such a gap :/


      • The amount of times when I was younger that people used to say to me ‘schooldays are the best days of your life’ and I would groan and roll my eyes.
        A decade or so in hindsight I agreed, but now I don’t! There are some great days ahead, fantastic days, but I can look back on that time with fondness.
        I know that will make you feel better not one iota though 🙂


  1. I’m counting the days until we can put up our autumnal decor. I LOVE this upcoming time of year; not because of school staring (I homeschool my daughter year-round, anyway), but rather because I cannot wait to spend time out of doors and not be eaten alive by mosquitoes!


  2. Goodbye September hello October! Lovely leaves, lovely weather and then love comes around during October. Omg can’t wait till Christmas! Wht do u want for Christmas ! I got my mine I got some sparkly boots!


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