8 thoughts on “First Day Report

  1. My headteacher (who happens to be infamous for his duck-like facial features!) has introduced a few ‘crap’ rules this year; i.e. how pencil cases are checked everyday and if anything is missing it’s straight to a detention! I have a feeling that maybe this ‘green goose crap’ was perhaps a little more literal though? Haha.


    • Well Mr Duckface sounds like a real fun guy.
      My original FB update read thus:
      Well first hometime of the new school year. Millie has left her new school lunch bag in school (yes Jen I know) and on the way home James bumped into everything as he insisted that he had to place his hands over his eyes everytime he thought of something. Millie told him that if he was naughty Santa would bring him just a snapped stick (?) at Christmas. Oh and I dropped Millie’s chocolate onto green goose crap. Yes, green goose crap. Best days of your life.


      • Haha! Oh my.
        It’s so sweet that she specified a ‘snapped’ stick… because a fully-working, mint condition stick is otherwise at the top of most people’s Christmas lists! Hehe.
        I sort of miss those exciting first days back, especially when most of my friends can barely keep their eyes open at the moment!


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