Some Terrible, Local News

Some terrible news here in Manchester tonight. It seems that Manchester Dog’s Home is on fire, and a youth has been arrested on suspicion of arson. There are reports of dogs yelping inside as the blaze takes hold.

Two men managed to climb a fence and kick a door in to gain access to part of the building, getting twenty dogs out and going back for more. The latest estimate is that over sixty dogs are dead with 150 rescued.
My Facebook newsfeed is full of people genuinely distressed, and also directing anger towards whoever is (allegedly) responsible.
But that is for later. Local residents are mobilising to provide blankets, food etc, and police say they have been inundated with offers to house surviving dogs. Local supermarkets are already arranging collection points for donations of money and food, with online facilities being set up too.

It is heartening to see the community come together like this, but tonight at this moment in time, all I can think of is the sound of those poor, trapped dogs yelping. 😦

6 thoughts on “Some Terrible, Local News

  1. seen it all over facebook too. Truelly horrifying. There are some sick individuals out there. At least the community is getting together to help the poor dogs. Its just devestating. 😦


  2. Oh my goodness! How horrible!!! I’m glad they caught the person responsible. Was there any reason given? Though some people don’t need a reason to do horrible things. 😦


    • Nothing official yet-lots of stories and rumours going around on social media. Even a name and photographs being shared, which is dangerous as there is no hard facts. I think the authorities should be left to do what they do, and people should help out with the dogs if they want to. In just this short time a million pounds has been raised, and builders are offering to rebuild free of charge. There are mountains of dog food and other things that have been donated. Fantastic response 🙂


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