Blackpool And Gomorrah

We have just got back from Blackpool tonight, having taken the kids to see the illuminations. While they had eyes only for the lights, the rides, the toy stalls and the sea, my wife’s throwaway comment about the things that she had observed revealed a different perspective to that of the children:

“I bet here tonight there is nothing but fights happening, babies being conceived, and affairs starting up.”

She really has a rose-tinted take on humanity doesn’t she?

Anyway, in all of their ignorance and innocence, the kids loved it.

There were donkeys, you know.



4 thoughts on “Blackpool And Gomorrah

    • I always feel sorry for them, just stood around on the beach all day waiting for children. But what do I know, they me perfectly happy. I had a bad experience once on a donkey ! One day I may post about it 🙂


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