Why City Jackdaw?

As my next post was to be my 300th post, I thought it appropriate to re-blog my very first post. Go back to beginnings, when an unsteady fledgling Jackdaw first took the leap from its comfortable nest. Three hundred posts, and still trying to figure things out. Thanks for flying with me.

City Jackdaw

Birds. I like birds.

I am not a birdwatcher, and try to refrain from twitching. But when out and about I try to take notice of what is around me, whether I am walking along the coast, through the woods, or down the street. Birds pay no heed to our borders and our boundaries. They are everywhere. I like that sense of freedom.

 Corvidae is the latin name for the family of birds that includes Crows, Ravens, Jays and Magpies.  These are considered to be among the most intelligent of birds. Crows can do all sorts of things, regularly featuring on YouTube. Look them up. Google ‘Crow funerals.’ Crows dance. Use tools. Fly upside down (really!)  Recognise human faces. Upset a crow and its personal. I have been out and about and found a Crow studying me. Figuring me out. (Good luck says my wife.)

Jackdaws are the smallest of…

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9 thoughts on “Why City Jackdaw?

  1. I’m already looking forward to reading the next 300 also! Hehe.
    I’m almost at the ‘350’ milestone but I’m not sure I fancy trawling through the earliest of my posts! It is but a graveyard of cringes and melodramatic, nonsensical scrawling.


    • I am so tempted to go and find out 🙂 I’m sure it’s fine-I’m not sure how long I’ve been following you (confessed the stalker) but I guess it must be close to your humble beginnings, and I always enjoy reading your posts. Together we’ve flown!


  2. I love this post I’m a bird watcher and this is amazing. I’m a very shy person and I’m in the process of making a website and I’m scared to blog because I’m afraid of being judged and this makes me wanna just quit and give up.


    • No do it. Remaining anonymous will help you, and you don’t need to tell anyone what you are doing if you don’t want to. Being shy, this will give you a platform to put out there what you want, and remember it is your little corner of cyberspace so you can do what you want. In the year and half or so I’ve not had any bad experiences-there are a lot of lovely, encouraging people out there in the wordpress community. Please go on.


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