When Write Is Wrong

The same thing happens every time. Whenever I find myself in Waterstones, when I’m not there to pick up anything in particular but just to lose myself amongst the shelves, I pick up a fiction book, read a few lines, and think to myself, ‘I need to start writing.’ Then, in comparing, I realise that my writing is affected, full of pretension and hyperbole.

In contrast, these lines that I read are not fleshy but stark and sparing, dragged out from the marrow and offered up for the cardinals to kiss.

See, there I go again.

6 thoughts on “When Write Is Wrong

  1. This happens to me quite often, Andy. I’m reading a book now called, ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr. It’s so beautifully written, I often think I’m kidding myself by trying to write. But we write because we must, don’t we? You have to write the poems that strike you. I look at your poetry and know full well I could not produce anything half as good. I’m not trying to put myself down. I know that I’m not gifted in that area. But you are. So keep writing, Andy.


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