A Short Dialogue With Sheryl Crow

I went to see Sheryl Crow last night at an old Manchester nightclub called The Ritz. I first saw her  about twenty years ago, at the Academy. I think the years have been kinder to her than to me. In fact last night she could have been the same Sheryl Crow from two decades ago, except with a greater back catalogue and minus the leather pants that my friend was so enamoured with way back then.

I told my other half that I was going to see Shez Croz, chiefly because she hates it when I call her that.

I have never seen Sheryl Crow rock before, but in her encore she did just that with a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Rock And Roll. She also made If It Makes You Happy quite sexy, which is a way I’ve never heard it before.

I saw Dylan once, and he barely said a word throughout the concert, he just closed himself off as if he was playing within his own, private, bubble. Crow from the outset last night had a great rapport with her audience, and of course her comments were directed to me, standing out in the middle of the faceless crowd. Here is a short excerpt of our conversation:

Sheryl:“This is a nice spit and sawdust place you got here.”

Jackdaw:“You should have been here twenty years ago-it was grab a granny night. They’ve still got the same carpet on the stairs.”

Sheryl:“It’s all hot and sweaty.”

Jackdaw:“Sheryl, believe me, you do not want me to take my boots off.”

Sheryl:“Are you all gonna party tonight?”

Jackdaw:“Me and my friend here might be going for a curry.” 

Sheryl:“I have no idea what is going on in the world today. I have two kids, I can tell you everything about kids tv.”

Jackdaw:“Over here that darn Peppa Pig has her own tv channel. It will go straight to her head. The same thing happened with Miley Cyrus.”

Sheryl:“You’ve been great, lovely.”

Jackdaw:“You too-chicks with guitars and all that, but I’m a married man. The wife works in the funeral business, and keeps threatening me with a free funeral.”

After blowing her out, I decided to forego the curry and got a small pizza to take home. Just a small one which was enough for me. But my wife swooped down from her early-night bed and tore two pieces from my grasp. Next time I’m sitting in to eat.

I didn’t mention the other woman.


I know, this photo could be anyone. It could be me in a wig. It could be me without a wig.


The set list for those of you who care about such things:

Maybe Angels
A Change Would Do You Good
All I Wanna Do
My Favorite Mistake
Callin’ Me When I’m Lonely
Real Gone
Can’t Cry Anymore
Best of Times
The First Cut Is the Deepest
(Cat Stevens cover)
Sweet Rosalyn
Anything But Down
Strong Enough
If It Makes You Happy
Soak Up the Sun
Everyday Is a Winding Road
Run, Baby, Run
Rock and Roll
(Led Zeppelin cover)


Sheryl told me to say hello to all you Jackdaw followers out there. Well, I’ve paraphrased her a little, but she and I are quite tight now. See you in Ok! Magazine.

10 thoughts on “A Short Dialogue With Sheryl Crow

  1. I am so jealous that you saw Sheryl Crow! And had such intimate conversation with her. 😉
    Aww, and she did the First Cut is the Deepest! I played that at an Open Mic last week, not half as well as she does though obviously. I wish I lived just a little closer to Manchester, you get all the good ones. 🙂 Haha.
    And I love how you ended this post on pizza.


    • She never played my two favourites-The Difficult Kind, and Home.
      Although I’ve seen her three times in total over two decades, she played Home the first time, and I can’t recall much about the second time. Must have been during the alcohol years 🙂 Yeah we get a lot in Manchester, although my concert days are mostly finished now. Last night was good though 🙂 Despite the pizza theft.


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