We, At This Time

We, At This Time

A virginal shroud settles upon our abodes.
Fairy lights flicker in the long night.
Inside, all manner of songs and odes
are offered to acclaim our rite.
Those of us not overtly religious
indulge themselves out of tradition.
Those of us not openly pious
offer tacit prayers without petition.
But all desire to feel the joy
that shines forth from every child's eyes.
An augury, in innocence's employ,
that lifts the soul amongst the winter skies.
Though we partake in the gathered feast,
and survive the night imbibing wine,
we recognise, when all has ceased,
that part of man inherently divine.


6 thoughts on “We, At This Time

    • I agree. Here we are, evolutionary by-products of chemical and biological reactions, who seek, and find, the beauty in everything, the world around us. The magnificence of the effect, and wonder about the cause.

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    • Thanks Linda. Yes, it is, or can be, if we are lucky, a time of joy, expressed in our interactions with others, family, loved ones. But also, if we are so disposed, in this cold season, a time to reflect on, and seek, the light in the darkness.


  1. Another of your poems which I have found myself reading numerous times- all of which in complete awe over your beautiful writing. I want to say that is the best Christmas poem I have read that, in particular, doesn’t explicitly title the holiday… hence only further adding to its thematic ambiguity. 🙂

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    • Thank you PJ, as always you are most kind in your comments.
      Hope you have a great Christmas. And I hope you don’t mind me calling you PJ! Of course I should have asked you this about twelve months ago. 🙂


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