New Year:Start With A Song

New Year: lets’s start with a song, and think about blank canvases.

City Jackdaw

I didn’t bother doing a Google search, these three songs were just off the top of my head. I realise I won’t be catering for everybody’s tastes, so if you want you could totally ignore this post (how dare you) and put on your own favourite new year themed song to dance your way into the new year. Dancing is not my thing, though, I’m far too self-conscious. I may tap a foot if I’ve had enough to drink. And then I would probably stand on someone else’s toe.

Out of the three my favourite song is probably the U2 one, although I do love Jeff Buckley-he died way too young, just like his father. All that unrealised potential too. With the Abba one you also get a video, although the party isn’t exactly what you would call a rave.

Catch you later. We’ve got a whole year ahead of…

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