Missing In Action (Overnight )

I loved this story last year, and was saddened to hear that Bernard Jordan has died today, aged 90. R.I.P

City Jackdaw

Okay, this is my last D-Day themed post, I promise. It’s just that I’m not sure how many people outside of the UK have heard this story.

Police were called by a Sussex care home on Thursday evening to report the disappearance of one of their residents-89 year old Bernard Jordan.  They said that he had left the nursing home at 10.30am on that morning and had not been seen since. Hospitals, bus and taxi companies were contacted as the search got underway.

The search was called off when news came to light on the Friday evening that he had turned up at the Normandy D-Day commemorative service in France.

It appears that staff had been trying to assist him in making arrangements to make the trip, but for whatever reason couldn’t do so. When he saw the preparations being made on the tv, he decided that he just had…

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