The Feline Find

This limestone panel, dating to Anglo-Saxon times, was discovered in a quarry by stonemason Johnny Beeston. It is dated to around 1,000AD.

The Anglo-Saxon carved St.Peter, giving a blessing.

The Anglo-Saxon carved St.Peter, giving a blessing.

It’s importance was only discovered after his death in 2004, and was sold in Sotheby’s for £200,000. Now a Somerset museum has bought it for £150,000.

When Mr Beeston found it, he knew neither its importance nor its value. So what did he originally do with his great, archaeological find?

He used it as a grave marker for his tabby cat.

Eventually it was spotted lying in his garden. I love the detail of the costume, and the features of Peter’s face, even the boxer’s nose. I’m not sure he would have sported a tonsure though.

I think old Johnny must have really thought a lot of that cat.

2 thoughts on “The Feline Find

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, I love it, that has so made me smile. It happened with church fonts so many times, they were used as flower pots or simila,r until someone realised what they were 🙂


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