Manchester Meander

I nipped into town yesterday, to find that the normally naked, winter trees had these things blooming upon them.


And what a difference they made, too, on an otherwise drab, grey afternoon. They were hanging on trees  all over the city as part of the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.


Over in Piccadilly Gardens I stumbled across this sleepy hound, made on the spot with sand by some budding entrepreneurial artist, collecting coppers in an upturned cap. There was a comical moment when a passing dog was straining at the leash to get near. I guess it passed the test. I can’t even get a sandcastle to stand up.


Amidst the throng of different people going about their business, it was good to see this guy among us, keeping us all safe.


I’m not sure if he was an avenger, or some kind of transformer, but I wanted also to capture the star shield thing on his elbow, and the  distinctive helmet before him, but as I was taking the shot he began to turn.

I was off! You don’t mess with either avengers or transformers.

Especially Mancunian ones.

9 thoughts on “Manchester Meander

    • Yes-I always have an inkling to live somewhere out in the sticks, like the Orkney islands that I love, but I suspect after a while I will miss the city. I’m sure you will empathise-city girl that you are.

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  1. I see that I missed a lot of posts while I was on vacation! Love your photos, Andy! I’m sure that dog is pretty sheepish bristling at a sand dog! The artist is very talented.
    Love the red against the gray!


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