12 thoughts on “Gone Confessions

    • Thanks Anna. It was a very quick poem-took about a minute to write, and normally I leave them then to stew a while. I feel it may need another verse or two, but I haven’t posted one for a while so here it is. I may return to it.


    • It was a visual image. Sometimes I hear a word or a combination of words that trigger something, and sometimes I ‘imagine/receive’ a mental image that works the same way. I saw ‘something’ moving between dancers, standing around on a lawn, and so this was born. As I have replied to Anna’s comment, it was a very fast poem to write.


      • I should also say that they were beneath the trailing limbs of weeping willow trees, so that may have set the tone of the poem.


  1. Hard to express appreciation for a poem isn’t it? Without just saying – ‘beautiful to the core’, or something terribly droll as such. Nicer to have stumbled across you – some great poetry going on here.


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