12.20am Snippet

As I clambered into bed, my half-asleep wife asked “What time is it?”

“It’s late, gone midnight.”

“What have you been doing?”

“I’ve been on the internet with Louise.”

“Louise?…who’s Louise?!”

“Louise from Africa.”

(Suddenly wide awake) “You’ve been up ’til gone midnight talking to a woman called Louise from Africa?!”

“Well, when I say from Africa, I mean from the coast of Africa. And she’s not a woman, she’s a shark.”


“Yeah-it’s that cool new site I’ve discovered where you can track sharks. Louise is a young Great White that has been hugging the coast of South Africa for months now. I’ve been following her route.”

“I really don’t think there is any hope for us.”

6 thoughts on “12.20am Snippet

    • I’ve still not took the Twitter plunge (I may have to wait until my eldest daughter is here). But via their FB page
      I’ve been tracking four Great Whites:Katharine, Lydia, Louise and Mary Lee. Wait until my Mrs hears that 🙂
      Also, check out the Mako called Rizzilient. Its signals take you to the Portugese coast, but then they come from on shore, and lead to a building. Puzzled, I did a google search, and it seems the shark is now no more. The building was an old school building, and the shark must have been caught, and then, for some reason, somebody must have been moving around with the tracker. A sad end to a magnificent creature.


      • How sad. Will have to look for Mako. I’m reminded of the actor Mako who did so many memorable voiceovers in animated programs.
        Are all of these Great White sharks on Facebook? (Seems funny to say that.)


      • I know 🙂 Mako is the name of the species, the shark was given the name Rizzilient. The organisation that does the tracking is on FB. But I think only Lydia has a Twitter page!


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