Two Years

City Jackdaw has been going now for two years. The time really has flown.

Children, when they reach the age of two, are able to say three word sentences or more, sing to themselves, dress themselves in easy clothes, can be clingy one minute and fiercely independent the next.

I think this blog is developing age appropriately.

In the Twenty-First Century, the world truly is our neighbour. You fine folk who read my haphazard posts live in all corners of the world. Some of you are blistering beneath the sun at the same time as some of you others are battling through snowdrifts. Some of you are alighting on City Jackdaw not long after falling out of bed, while some of you others are just stumbling up the stairs. Some of us are on first name terms, some of us are satisfied with an occasional nod.

It’s all cool.

Whether you are here in my backyard, or whether I have to scramble up my rickety fence to catch a glimpse of you, I appreciate you all.

27 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Happy blogoversary, Andy! I remember seeing you comment on someone else’s blog and then discovering your blog. So glad to find it! I had just started posting. It as nice to meet friendly people in the blogosphere. 🙂


  2. Happy two year anniversary! And your posts are still as lovely and interesting as ever. I’m always tempted to bake a cake when WordPress delivers that notification of an annual milestone. I’ll be on my 4th one in May, yikes!


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