Bedtime Snippet

My four year old son James shouted for me to come upstairs.Ā “I don’t want to sleep on my own. I hate being on my own.”

“You’re used to sleeping on your own. It’s natural to sleep on your own. It’s normal.”

“Well I hate it.”

“Your sister sleeps on her own. Your Nanna sleeps on her own. Every student that lives with us sleeps on their own. Your friend Alfie sleeps on his own. And Lewis. And Theo. All of them sleep on their own.”

“You don’t. You sleep with Mummy.”

“And when you’re older, you will have a girlfriend. She will be lovely, and you will get married and sleep with her.”

“No I won’t! I am not going to have any girlfriend.”

“Then you can sleep on your own!”

(I know, I know. I’m on dangerous ground.)

6 thoughts on “Bedtime Snippet

  1. When my boy was little he told me he was never ever leaving home.

    Your boy needs some “friends” to sleep with like my boy did. Buzz, and Woody, and Tigger and Roo. Sometimes there were more “friends” than boy.


  2. Love this little chat!
    I agree with Mike. I’m giggling just thinking about you reminding James of this conversation when he’s older. He’ll of course deny that he said anything. šŸ˜€


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