Poetry Pending

After a call tonight I can confirm that a publisher is bringing out a chapbook of my poetry soon. I just wanted to tell you guys as a lot of you are very warm and generous with your comments towards the stuff that I post on here, and I appreciate all of you.

26 thoughts on “Poetry Pending

  1. Oh, my gosh. More exciting news! Any chance it will be out in a couple of weeks? I’ll be in UK then and could pick up a copy. Otherwise I will just order when it is available. So happy for you, Andy!


      • From your lips to the weather god’s ear. The last time we were in UK in May we had one day sun and the rest of the time was cloudy, drizzly and cold. Still, we’ll be seeing friends in various places, and that’s lovely no matter what the weather is.

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      • Oxford, then Swindon for 3 days, then to Kent to see Darwin’s house, then a few days in Wincanton in Somerset then to London for another few days before flying home. Have you read Jasper Fforde? He’s the reason we’re going to Swindon.


      • Wow what a literary pilgrimage you are on. I have not read Fforde, although I have heard of The Last Dragonslayer. It is interesting how you look to the writers here, whereas I (at the moment) look towards America for the likes of Harper Lee, Capote, and Arthur Miller.


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