15 thoughts on “Tuesday Snippet

    • It went fine. I sent a reminder on the morning we were to meet 🙂 She’s lovely, my favourite cousin, but is a bit scatter brained 🙂 My favourite story about her is when her Mum gave her a card to give to a friend for her birthday. She kept asking her “Have you given it to her yet?” “Not yet, it’s still in my car.” It got to the day before the birthday, and she thought ‘I had better post it to her!’ So she put a stamp on it, filled in the front, and popped into a post box. The next morning, it came though her front door-she had put her own address on and posted it to herself!!

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      • Oh she would just love that! She’s getting hold of the Folklore book, and is patiently waiting for my poetry chapbook (just a few months to go!!!!!)
        I related that little episode to the Polish guy who owns the coffee shop we were in. “Take no notice of anything he tells you!” she told him.
        How’s your weekend been?

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      • Lovely! Sounds like all you have to do is write ’em all down 🙂
        Great weekend, full of Parisian adventures. Music festival with little bands in every street corner all around town. Quite the delight.
        How has yours been?


      • That does sound like a cool way to spend a weekend. Had a good day today: bit of a trilogy: Midsummer’s Day, Father’s Day, and our student’s birthday all rolled into one. My wife and kids surprise me by telling me she has arranged for my friend and I to go to Stockholm in September. Looking forward to it 🙂

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      • Jealous? You are in the beautiful City Of Light ! I welcome suggestions-at the moment I have no plans whatsoever, other than I am staying for four nights (though the first I arrive late) in September.

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      • Great, thank you! Though you may have to remind me to remind you 🙂 A line from a Beatles cover just came to mind: I forgot, to remember, to forget her.
        Love a good conundrum 🙂

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